Katelyn Harper


Responses and published columns.

"Why I Want To Go Into Advertising"
"When you’re growing up, rarely does a kid go, 'Mommy! I want to convince adults and kids into buying things they don’t want or need!' Even better, choosing a career they will forever have to explain to their relatives that 'No, an Art Director does not direct films.'"

"Medical pot? Yes, please!" - Published for RedEye Chicago - Jan. 2013
"Hi there. My name is Katelyn. I'm 22 years old and looking to get into medical marijuana. Well that escalated quickly."

"You Can Do It!" - Response to Sharon Begley’s “The Shopping Brain"
"Your cell phone alarm rings at 3:30am, and after you hit snooze three times, you are out the door and racing off. Where are you going? Target, of course."

"You Say Stop, I Say Go" - Response to Tracy Clark-Flory’s “Faulty Male Introspection”
"She pushes him aside, gets out of the car and he drives away angry, cussing her out. Let’s just say, I’m no longer with this guy. Was it my fault, or his?"

"Burning Bras v. The Blog" - Response to Jennie Yabroff’s “Is Feminism Dead?”
"The information in those books often feature women rallying in large marches, hoping to persuade the Congress by circling around a burning pile of bras. Books make feminists looks like the cavemen in a GEICO commercial."